Crashing through the ominous sea: Sign of the Dragonhead is a top-notch release from Leaves’ Eyes

An exceptionally good review, one I completely agree with!

Rain Wrapped

Perhaps one of the best short summaries of the new Leaves’ Eyes album, Sign of the Dragonhead, comes in the form of the title of one of the best songs from the release: “Rulers of Wind and Waves”.  By reading that title alone, one can immediately get a good sense of this storytelling, adventurous musical experience.   It is certainly no secret that the seventh  album from Leaves’ Eyes is, indeed, the first full-length to feature classically trained Finnish vocalist Elina Siirala.  The new era of Leaves’ Eyes is an exciting one, and while the early drama and confusing rumors about the singer change were going on throughout the Internet in the spring of 2016, it may have not been easy to remember the important fact that the lasting appeal and talent of Leaves’ Eyes have always extended far beyond the great vocals.  There have been no weak…

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Finished: Birds of Prey (Vol.4: Sensei and Student)

I read this book at the weekend. It’s got a lot of great artwork in it, although reading a few reviews online I’d say that maybe I’m biased being male. I can see the point that the characters have exaggerated bosoms etc. I don’t know if it really is to their detriment but it is distracting when you consider that Lady Shiva is practically the world’s most deadliest assassin. The story focuses on several of the DC female characters including Black Canary, Lady Shiva, Huntress and more. It is a fairly quick read with plenty of fights and intrigue. Oracle’s computer goes weird on her and she sends superheroes to the wrong addresses. She gets captured and has to figure out her escape. I liked the story, Black Canary going to China to see her old Sensei, but Lady Shiva is also present. The strained relationship between Black Canary and Lady Shiva is portrayed well. It feels good when they both let rip in one of the fight scenes, although Lady Shiva does show some restraint. A good volume, I will look forward to seeing if I can get some more of this series.

Finished: Motor Crush vol 1 by Cameron Stewart, Brendon Fletcher and Babs Tarr

This is the team that produced the latest Batgirl comics and it is a bit of a dream team. The artwork is brilliant, Babs Tarr is a great artist. The story is good too. A female lead character who is brave and rides a motorbike in underground races to earn an accelerant called Crush that she can drink herself without it killing her (like it does normal humans). Is the main character an alien? Has she been genetically altered? We don’t know. We just know that her father is not her biological dad, he rescued her as a baby. Vol 1 left us on a cliffhanger, so I’m more than excited to see what vol 2 brings with it.

Finished: The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson

Well, I finished this story but it is a graphical novel, so its an easy strike in my reading challenge this year. Was a good read though, lots of humour in the tale. I liked how the setting wasn’t immediately explained, you had to read on some time before you got to know the characters. All very good, I enjoyed it a lot, it’s all in black and white though, so don’t expect technicolour cartoons. The stories first appeared in the comic 2000AD.

Finished: Stranger in a strange land by Robert Heinlein

Yep, I did it. Finally completed this book that I’ve been reading since August 2017. I thought it was a well written book. I liked the characterisation of a character called Jubal Harshaw in it. He seemed to be the most likeable character in the story. I did write a review on Goodreads for it, well a precis.

I was reading a paperback version of the book. The next book I read will be a Kindle book, it’s called The Lie of You and is by Jane Lythell, a writer I don’t know. Its a suspense thriller. I’m already 50% through it, I guess it must be a smaller book than the Heinlein (hard to tell with Kindle).

Reading in 2018

I am still reading my eighth book of 2017 – out of ten in my Reading Challenge, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. So I failed the reading challenge I set myself last year, much to my own disappointment. The problem I think is that I don’t have a set time to read and I get distracted easily when there is a TV on in the room. I need to be able to read a few pages every night and shut out all distractions. I’m going to try really hard to read more this year. This will be the year of more reading and less videogames. I will be reading longer novels, so have set my challenge at five books – I read some manga and graphic novels last year which was an easy way to catch up but in terms of word length wasn’t really representative. My first challenge is to complete reading the book I started when I got back from my holiday in August last year, the Heinlein novel I mentioned earlier.

I can’t believe I only made one post on this blog last year. I must do better in 2018!

Reading challenges 2016/2017

Last year I took up the Reading Challenge that Goodreads encourages. I have to set myself quite realistic challenges. So my targets are nothing compared to those of fast readers. Last year for example, my challenge was to read 6 books. I did manage to achieve that. For 2017 I have raised the bar and want to read 10 books. As my previous post describes, I finished a graphic novel on 1st January, so that contributed to achieving my first read of the year, which I admit is a bit of a cheat but I’ll take anything. I have a cupboard full of books to read and I want to start making a dent of some kind. Otherwise I will run out of storage space.

The first book of the year I am reading is called Orphaned Worlds and it is by Michael Cobley. It is the second book in a trilogy.